1. Lars Peter's Avatar
    Hi, I am new on this forum, so this topic is my first question.

    Let me start by saying that I have looked at various threads around the forums. I am looking for a new smartphone, so I read this and that about phones to get an idea of different opinions and options. I also read reviews.

    When reading in the forums I found out an annoying thing regarding modern smartphones. It seems as if batteries can not be removed in them. I certainly would want to be able to replace the battery if it goes dry. The phone is probably going to last a lot longer than the battery. Then I looked at Galaxy Note 8 and found that even that the specifications tells the battery is not removable there are shops who can change the battery with an original Samsung battery. Great.

    So my question is: Is it normal that batteries can in fact be replaced by someone who knows what he is doing, so the term "non-removable" just means you can not open the phone just like that and replace it yourself?

    The phone that I have now is Galaxy Note 2, which I have had for quite some years by now. I have replaced the battery once so far. The phone still works fine except it has started to sometimes not load Internet pages unless I restart the phone. So it could be about time to change.

    There are many great phones out there with great cameras and other features, but the S-pen is unique to the Galaxy Note series and I like the S-pen. A mini jack plug is also a must and not all new phones have that option. Thus the Galaxy Note series seems to be the choice for me. I also want a possibility for replacing the battery as mentioned above.

    I have looked at reviews on Galaxy Note 8, but since Galaxy Note 9 will be released soon I am very much tempted to go for that one.
    07-18-2018 04:57 PM
  2. belodion's Avatar

    Your understanding about batteries is I believe correct. The batteries cannot be removed in the ordinary simple way - opening the back and taking out the battery - but can be removed and replaced by a technician.

    I’ll move this to the Note 8 forum, where, I confidently predict, users of that device will recommend it.
    07-18-2018 05:27 PM
  3. Lars Peter's Avatar
    Thanks for the welcome and thanks for the reply.
    07-19-2018 02:51 AM
  4. km04's Avatar
    The Note 8 is a great phone. The battery thing seems to be a trend most phone makers are following these days. If you get the 8 you'll love it. If you wait for the 9, U'm sure you'll love it too.
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    07-19-2018 06:02 AM
  5. Lars Peter's Avatar
    I will wait for the 9 to be released.before I decide on 8 or 9. When 9 is out I plan to read reviews and look at the specifications. How much it costs compared with 8 will be interesting to see.
    07-23-2018 03:49 PM
  6. Bodestone's Avatar
    For a long time I was influenced by non-removable batteries.

    In yonder years the ability to replace them was essential due to lower materials and manufacturing technologies of the batteries themselves coupled with primative charging technologies.

    On my Note 1 I replaced the battery each year for 3 years as the times I had plugged it in to a PC to transfer data had initiated charching cycles that, over time degraded the lifetime of the battery. Also time on full charge when overnighting was not perfectly reducing charge/discharge cycle damage.

    The Note 2 I got a new battery after 18 months but then kind of root bricked the modem so it became a very small wireless tablet and was relegated to my RaspXBM remote.

    The Note 3 I had for 3 years and it went from 1.5 to >2 days battery to 1.45 to ~2 days battery. I never replaced the battery

    My Note 4 I only had for 2 years and did not notice any battery degredation.

    Batteries are now manufactured to much higher precision (to prevent Note 7 fiascos as much as useful lifetime) and the charging software in both the phones and official or rated chargers is leagues ahead.

    I don't use fast charging as a rated non-fast charger will take my Note8 from 5% to full in ~3 hours. Fast charging is the one thing I haven't looked into in detail for battery degredation as it raises the battery temperature much higher but it would not have been introduced if it did not leave modern phones with a battery life before degredation of a year.

    Avoid fast charging and anything with continuous connect recconnect patterns (wireless chargin and/or and continuous USB reconnection for data that also triggers charging) then I expect a modern smartphone battery not to show significant charge maximum degredation for at least 2 years.

    Most people on the forums here seem to want the latest phone very year, and some every 6 months so that would be less of a problem but modern batteries and charging software will give you 2 or 3 years of consistant usage if you don't abuse them by more than (an unresearched amount between 10 and 25) charge/discharge chages a day.

    My Note 3 actually runs as a kitchen timer with no SIM, Bluetooth or WIFI and I generally charge it every fortnight.

    Oh, you may have noticed that I am a bit of a fan of the Note series.
    The 5 was a No due to the inexplicable decision to not have expandable storage.
    I escaped the 7 by it not being out when I got the 4 due to rain in the headphone port of the 3.

    The Note 8 is made of star forged excelence, production treated with awesome sauce.
    07-24-2018 04:20 PM
  7. Lars Peter's Avatar
    The Note 8 is made of star forged excelence, production treated with awesome sauce.
    I like that remark.

    Anyway, as long as the battery can be replaced by a professional using original batteries I am happy, I don't need to be able to do it myself. I expect to have a phone more than 2-3 years, so a replacement of the battery could be relevant at some point. But if the battery lasts for years that is of course great.
    07-24-2018 05:42 PM
  8. Harlemknight's Avatar
    I love the Note series and I have had all but the original Note. I want to continue with the Note series but I am getting tired of the curved screen. I know they make screen protectors that curve, some work good, some don't. They are expensive. I have a iPhone for work and I hate it, but I can get a nice glass screen protector for 5 dollars. I'd like a flat Note.
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    07-25-2018 11:57 AM
  9. Chromium 4's Avatar
    I have the last of the flagship devices with the removable battery: The LG V20. I have owned the T-mobile version H-918 for nearly two trouble-free years. The phone is feature-packed with swappable batteries, IR (remote control) capabilities, very good camera, video and audio experiences and a very capable, fast processor. When I felt the urge to upgrade, I chose the Note 8 becuase LG had removed all of the standout features the V20 offered (and I got a good trade in deal on my G4). If you are in the market for a phone that offers the removable battery and can be had at bargain basement prices, you should take a look at this device'
    07-25-2018 11:32 PM
  10. Lars Peter's Avatar
    Well @Chromium 4, before I started this topic I was a bit worried regarding removable batteries since I read several posts around the forum where it was stated that batteries in modern phones are non-removable.

    But now I have found out that they can in fact be replaced if need be. It makes sense that it is not easy since phones are now waterproof and that will probably make them more delicate to open, but as long as it can be done by a professional it is OK.
    07-28-2018 08:41 AM
  11. Lars Peter's Avatar
    I will wait for the 9 to be released.before I decide on 8 or 9. When 9 is out I plan to read reviews and look at the specifications. How much it costs compared with 8 will be interesting to see.
    I decided to go for the Note 9 and I have now gotten it a few days ago.

    I really like that you can write on the screen with the S-pen without turning the screen on. It is a feature I expect to use a lot in my work as a music teacher on a music school. It happens so often that I need to make a quick note during a lesson like some point I need to prepare for next lesson and Note 9 is perfect for that. So to me this option is a brilliant idea.

    Now I have only had the Note 9 for a few days, so I haven't explored al the possibilities yet, but I am very excited about the phone. It is very nice.
    09-20-2018 05:01 PM
  12. Bodestone's Avatar
    I await to hear your further experiences of the 9 to see what else has improved.
    The 8 did open a note for writing without unlocking when you pulled the pen out but there was sometimes a half second delay which could annoy some.
    09-20-2018 05:25 PM
  13. Lars Peter's Avatar
    Maybe in a week's time or something in that order I will be ready to write about my further experiences.
    09-20-2018 05:35 PM

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