1. Bill Milosz1's Avatar
    I have a brand new Note 8, a pretty expensive phone, and it sucks at integrating with my Infiniti G37's bluetooth handsfree system. I can receive and make calls OK, the contacts are synced, but there's NO HANDSFREE SMS MESSAGE INTEGRATION AT ALL!

    My much cheaper old Nokia Lumia 925 phone worked SEAMLESSLY to allow hands-free receipt and reply of SMS via the car's system. There was NOTHING to set up- IT JUST WORKED once paired.

    It is with great chagrin that I find there's no such ability in this costly Samsung phone. I consider that the Samsung is DEFECTIVE because it lacks this basic ability.

    I've tried a number of apps, none of which work anywhere near the level I consider acceptable. READ TEXT 2 ME comes closest but it's a crapshoot- sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't.


    I'd like to return this damned phone. Compared to Windows Phone, Android sucks - it's buggy* and the user interface stinks.

    *Buggy in that a number of features JUST DO NOT WORK, such as the "Smart Lock" feature which is supposed to keep my phone unlocked when I'm home, etc. Plain DOES NOT WORK.
    08-10-2018 03:39 AM
  2. methodman89's Avatar
    Have you tried Android auto?
    I dictate and instruct Google assistant to compose and read emails.
    If I want a similar experience at home, you can use call and message announcer app.
    Many choices, but have you unpaired and forgetten the device then reconnected? Checked your settings that voice and text are configured to be used?
    Does the vehicle have a setting to allow sms, voice and music, each of which need to be selected?
    And smart lock not working. Have you tried safe mode yet?
    08-10-2018 09:32 PM

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