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    Just in case this happens to anyone, please call the Samsung Service line. I was playing around with the Android Auto app on my Note 8 last evening. I was trying to see if I could change the female voice to male voice. Somehow I really buggered up my phone. I couldn't unlock it with my number password code and I had a female voice from google assistance repetitively telling me to swipe up etc and saying something about tap twice to unlock the phone. I was going crazy tapping with no luck. I am passing on tips for all in case you get yourself locked out.

    Nice fellow on the phone, who asked for my IMEI number which is so tiny on the back of my phone that he patiently waited while I searched for a magnifying glass lol. On the internet when I search for how to get back into my phone, all references said either tap twice or tap three times. Not so. When entering your number code, you tap once to highlight the number and then quickly tap twice to enter the number. Then when you are into your phone you have to go into settings with the same highlight and tap twice procedure and disable voice assistant under vision in accessibility. But to travel around in settings you have to tap once on accessibility and quickly tap twice to open it. You do this with procedure with vision too. and Then toggle off "voice assistant". I hope no one does what I did. But Samsung Service was great.
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    12-01-2018 01:05 PM
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    Any time you turn on vision in accessibility, the way the phone works changes. You tap once to highlight the choice, which makes it easier for people with low vision to make sure they're choosing the right choice, then you tap again (or tap twice) to actually choose that setting.

    They really should explain it in the manual - they don't. They explain all about accessibility, but not that part.
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    12-02-2018 01:14 PM

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