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    Ever since I got the security update this past week now I'm having issues with the phone. The update was for Oreo still... Anyways now my apps on the home screen keep moving up by one block... And I have to keep moving them back.... It shouldn't be doing this. I'm now also having problems with the Sprint Hub app. There was a problem with Sprint Hub a while back but it was never a problem for me. Now with the latest security patch it's draining the battery a lot... I tried force stopping it and disabling the settings for the notifications for it as it was staying on the lock screen saying things were processing? Is there a fix for these two issues? Or will I have to hope 9.0 Pie fixes it? As I said I never had these problems till now. I know with 9.0 there is a new setting for disabling things being moved on the home screen. Oreo doesn't have this option...
    02-12-2019 04:38 AM

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