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    I have tried many bluetooth erbuds... cant get enough volume and hi fidelity sound I crave. Momentums sound lovely but I want more volume sometimes.
    Is there a dac / amp that can work from phone to bluetooth ear buds.
    I have tried apps... not much difference.
    Found amps that work wireless from phone but need to be wired to headphones.
    Please help.
    03-23-2019 01:05 PM
  2. Mooncatt's Avatar
    This is 100% an issue with the headphones. DAC stands for digital to analog converter. Because the Bluetooth connection is digital, it's the DAC on the headphones that handle they part of the equation. The same goes for the amp.

    You could maybe find a music player that has a volume boost that modifies the digital output, but then you risk over driving the headphones and killing the sound quality (and possibly damage the headphone speakers).

    If you insist on Bluetooth headphones, your only realistic option is to look for some with a higher wattage output. If you're unable to find anything that works, then you'll need to use wired headphones with a high wattage handling, then connect a headphone amp between them and the phone.
    03-23-2019 01:42 PM

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