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    I have Samsung Galaxy Note 8 with 256 GB internal memory.I am not using this much internal memory. But I have to use SD card because whenever I want to format my internal memory to install new rom or firmware, I have to format the internal memory which causes losing my data. If the half of internal memory can be partitioned to something like external SD card, whenever the internal memory is formatted that part will not touched. So my question is, is there any procedure to do that.
    Kindly help me
    08-18-2019 11:33 PM
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    Welcome to the forums. Partitioning the internal storage can be tricky. As far as I am aware of, there is no way to undo it. Once you have, and if it's formatted incorrectly, be it size or type, there is no undoing that.

    Flashing a new ROM is always coupled with resetting the device. Resetting phones these days isn't as bad as it used to be like back in the Gingerbread days of Android. Now, so much can be backed up to your Google account, that resetting should be as easy as letting the device sit and update for about a half hour or so, and everything should be ready to go.
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    08-19-2019 04:20 PM

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