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Why do I hear echoing/reverb while watching videos?

Asked: Sep 06 2019 | 5:13 pm EDT 14041 Views 6 Answers View Best Answer

I have been using a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 for about half a year now and just recently I've encountered a problem where when I watch a video the audio echoes. This goes for all videos (on Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, the video app etc.). It just happened randomly. I checked if it was a malware problem or a sound aid setting and no luck. I have tried restarting the phone several times and it still happens. Does anyone else have a problem like this/know a solution?

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Sep 09 2019 | 3:47 am EDT Uncle Eliot

See if the sound is set to "Concert Hall". If it is turn it off.

Settings\Sounds and Vibrations\Advanced sound settings\Sound Quality and effects\Concert hall

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Sep 06 2019 | 6:02 pm EDT B. Diddy

Welcome to Android Central! Does this only happen on headphones, external speaker, or both?

Sep 07 2019 | 3:28 am EDT mihael

Thanks! It happens on the external speaker but if I plug in my headphones while the video is playing then I hear echoing again. If I plug in headphones before playing a video then there's no echo.

Sep 09 2019 | 10:45 am EDT mihael

This solved the problem, thank you very much.

Sep 09 2019 | 11:04 am EDT mustang7757

Oh wow ,remember that mode lol, it's still available in Android 9 ?