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    When I'm listening to music on youtube it lets me use the UHQ Upscaler. And before some of the updates it would let me use tube amp pro. But even when I'm using the AKG headphones or my beats no matter what app I'm using it won't let me select the tube amp pro setting.

    Does anyone else have that problem or does anyone know what apps let you select that setting?


    Edit: I got the tube amp pro to work through Samsung music but I lose a lot of volume. I'm very picky about sound and I have the equalizer decent for the AKG headphones but then it doesn't sound as good on my beats and I really can't get the equalizer to make the sound good on my beats. Luckily I got them for free because someone left it at the gun range I go to and they posted a lost item paper for a month and no one claimed them so I got to keep them.
    09-09-2019 11:31 AM

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