06-07-2019 04:20 PM
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  1. slim6596's Avatar
    I should probably have said that I realize this screen protector is not nearly as durable as a tempered glass protector. I take care of my phones and this protector is mainly to protect from micro scratches from being in my pocket (lint and such).
    It went on ridiculously easy, no bubbles and looks almost invisible. No lint or dust sticking to the edges like Whitestone.
    04-30-2019 03:23 AM
  2. MarkY4570's Avatar
    I got an $8.00 Flea Market tempered glass. I got it so I would at least have something until I figured out which quality protector I wanted. It's only sticky on the top & bottom, & there is no guide so it was a pain to line up. It works well with my case. I'm going to continue using it unless I have a problem.
    05-02-2019 04:08 PM
  3. JoBudden's Avatar
    not sure what's going on with these screen protector but the glue is not holding up around the edges. it's ugly to look at
    06-07-2019 03:44 PM
  4. Jeremy Patzer's Avatar
    I had the same issue of small spider web like scratches along the right edge curve of the screen, heavier towards the bottom than the top. That was within the first 2 days installed. Within a week both sides are showing the same effect. It isn't cracks, can only see it in the correct angle of light, and more prominent when in strong daylight. I also have the Galaxy LED Cover, and if is not a problem with function or screen view. It may get bad over time. The part that irritates me is that the Whitestone was best in most all reviews, and I was really impressed with the installation system, what a let down to see these within days off installation.

    Just my two cents and experience.
    Update, so after a bit of back and forth with Samsung and ending up getting a replacement phone, I have installed the second of the two pack I originally bought. I did one thing different this time vs the last. After the first install I noticed I could smell the glue for what seemed like days maybe even a while week. I thought it maybe had been trapped in my Samsung led cover, but eventually realized that the spider cracking along the curve edges was probably because the stuff didn't cure enough. This time I finished the installation and immediately put the phone outside in some direct sunlight for about 20 min. Didn't even turn the phone back on until after that cure time, so I wouldn't be tempted to touch and possibly flex the screen during the curing. I think the result is much better this time. 5 days and no spidering on the edges. And I couldn't smell the glue an hour after installation. I think this points to the UV light device supplied with the cover system is just not adequate for proper curing.
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    06-07-2019 04:20 PM
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