1. AirConditioner515's Avatar
    I know there's another thread regarding light bleed but wanted to know if it's the same issue if the light bleed only appears when moving an icon/google search bar up and down the edges of the screen.

    I can't see any visible light around the edges normally.

    Only when I hold and press an icon/google search bar and move it to the edges of the phone and move it up and down.

    The light bleed looks like a vertical scrollbar moving with the movement of the icons.
    08-29-2018 02:18 PM
  2. donb2010's Avatar
    The light leak on my phone is visible when I have an app opened, but it is even more noticeable if I scroll up and down especially with apps that have light/bright backgrounds.
    08-29-2018 06:07 PM

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