1. posservice's Avatar
    I've had this issue since I received the phone. When calling a AT&T number you can't hear any Ringback. I've called Verizon and they've removed the feature and re-enabled it. I've also wiped the cache and reset to factory. The problem remains.

    It only happens when you call AT&T numbers. I had the store nalear my office try the numbers I called as well and they had the same issue.

    Verizon tier II tech support said they don't have an issue using another Android device and I didn't have the issue with my Note 9+

    If I turn Wi-Fi calling off it rings back fine. Anyone else seeing this issue?

    Thank you
    09-23-2018 10:00 AM
  2. lizette1222's Avatar
    It happened to me also. Same, an at&t line.
    09-23-2018 10:11 AM
  3. Rukbat's Avatar
    Ringback is normally generated by the called carrier (AT&T in this case), so AT&T probably has a bad central office somewhere. Try calling an AT&T store in another state (the number is as far as Google) and tell whoever answers that you were just checking to see if AT&T in general has lost ringback or if it's just a particular central office.

    Then contact Verizon tier 2 and you'll have information to give them. If the distant AT&T store had no ringback, there's a problem in the handoiff between AT&T Mobile (which is really Cingular) and Verizon Wireless. If the distant store had ringback, it's a problem with the local AT&T central office or handoff only from that office. Tech support will probably turn it over to networking and it'll get fixed quickly. But "it doesn't work" when it works for them doesn't give them anything to grab onto. "There's no ringback nly when I call these AT&T exchanges" does. So does "Even if I call AT&T in XYZ, there's no ringback". You give them the number, they call it and, if they get a ringback, networking will know what the problem is.
    09-23-2018 03:49 PM
  4. posservice's Avatar
    Thank you. This is happening on any AT&T wireless number I call. I've had two in Pennsylvania and one in Florida and one in Atlanta.

    It's only the Note 9 that this has happened with. The S9+ worked fine.
    09-23-2018 04:12 PM
  5. posservice's Avatar
    I escalated this issue again and here's the response I got back from Verizon:

    "Our investigation determined the Verizon network is working properly and providing the expected service, but there’s a device related issue."
    09-29-2018 06:18 PM
  6. Gayle Lynn's Avatar
    I can't make calls it seems with AT&T WiFi Calling enabled. It cancels immediately. Turn off and goes through.

    Just got Note 9 from AT&T and even spent way too long talking to their support.

    I only enabled it after reading here how it helps with battery and weak cell signal.
    09-30-2018 06:56 AM
  7. jimd1050's Avatar
    09-30-2018 10:57 PM

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