1. LilSweetLin's Avatar
    I'm sort of liking the direction of Samsung Experience 10 based on Android Pie from the leaks so far. Is it too much to expect Pie to be pushed OTA to the Note 9 by the time February or March rolls around? I don't have the Note 9 yet, as I'm waiting for a price drop, but it would be nice to get the update to Pie once I did get it. Then again, considering the SD 855 is gonna power the S10/10+ and it'll be running Pie out of the box, maybe I should wait for it? I'm definitely getting the itch to upgrade from my 6P after two years. Even though it runs well, I've realized I'm bored by stock.
    09-29-2018 12:30 PM
  2. SDTRMG's Avatar
    I would expect it we will see it around then, but more so after the launch of the S10.
    09-29-2018 01:09 PM
  3. donm527's Avatar
    If the S10 is the first Samsung with Android Pie, then once that phone is released, you can expect Pie to be pushed out to phones about a month later.

    Looking back at past release years, I don't remember them ever pushing OS updates before their new flagship phones get it.

    The S9 got released this past March and then they pushed Oreo to other phones by the end March. So you're looking at another 6 months I guess before we get P.
    09-29-2018 02:25 PM
  4. wp patrick's Avatar
    Better for wait then hurry up for mind.
    09-29-2018 03:02 PM
  5. Nakrohtap's Avatar
    I am going to say way before the S10 this time around. Samsung will break tradition and update before the S launch.
    09-29-2018 04:30 PM
  6. Gayle Lynn's Avatar
    Skip 9.0 go-to 9.1

    It could be Feb-March too
    09-29-2018 05:00 PM
  7. donm527's Avatar
    Considering they could have done that last year with 8-8.1 but didn’t, it’s highly unlikely we’ll get 9.1. Takes time to get the update ready for each model and test and probably working on that now. They won’t spend the time waiting and testing 9.1 for older phones when S10 takes priority.

    Skip 9.0 go-to 9.1

    It could be Feb-March too
    09-29-2018 05:38 PM
  8. Gayle Lynn's Avatar
    I was on the beta 8.0 with my S8+ and there were things that needed to be fixed but that needed 8.1. I was sure Essential and Pixel found they needed 8.1.

    After all the time between 8.0 and .1 was rather short. Some features didn't make it in 9.0. What ever happened to Never trust the dot zero release hasn't changed.
    09-30-2018 07:14 AM
  9. mustang7757's Avatar
    I think Android Pie is going to look very good on Samsung devices according to the leaks on s9+ with it, probably its going to implement it the best out all manufacturers. it just sucks we have to wait little longer .
    09-30-2018 08:42 AM

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