1. jrisch's Avatar
    Is there any option to slow the recognition of the S-Pen double click down? When using it as a remote for the camera I can only get it to recognise the double click about one time in 10 tries.
    12-05-2018 05:02 PM
  2. SpookDroid's Avatar
    Unfortunately nope, there is no setting for delay between clicks. This is gonna sound odd but have you tried not doing it so fast?
    12-05-2018 06:03 PM
  3. jrisch's Avatar
    Thanks, but no success with that either. I get a slight improvement using my forefinger instead of my thumb but still can't do it reliably, only working one time in three or fore. Ah well, not something I expect to use much.
    12-06-2018 12:56 AM
  4. adegbenroagoro's Avatar
    With my own S pen I discovered that I was initially double-clicking too slowly. I adjusted my speed and it's working great. Plus much much better with my index finger than my thumb
    12-06-2018 11:06 AM

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