1. slim6596's Avatar
    When I try to voice command GA with the screen off, it hears me but doesn't do anything other than sound the alert indicating that it heard the activation phrase. This is a problem for me as a truck driver. By law and company policy, i can't touch my phone while driving.

    Any suggestions on how to fix this?

    (I have set it to accept input from my headset and to listen while screen is off)
    02-23-2019 06:15 AM
  2. jtcannonball's Avatar
    Do you run any security lock methods for your phone? The phone has to be unlocked to work I believe.
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    02-23-2019 09:32 AM
  3. slim6596's Avatar
    Yes, PIN and fingerprint both
    02-23-2019 12:35 PM
  4. mustang7757's Avatar
    maybe try to use smart unlock , stays unlocked on body or other situations.
    02-23-2019 01:54 PM
  5. mustang7757's Avatar
    Screen shot
    Attached Thumbnails Google Assistant question-1263.jpg  
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    02-23-2019 01:55 PM
  6. slim6596's Avatar
    I have that set also. Very frustrating that my $250 Moto X Pure was worlds better at this.
    And, I could rename the voice assistant anything I wanted.
    02-23-2019 04:26 PM

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