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    I spoke with att and samsung multiple times to no avail. I do not have a PC or an sd card so i dont think I'm able to use firmware.science. anyone have any advice?
    03-20-2019 11:34 AM
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    What Baseband Version are you running? You'll probably need to purchase an SD Card... they're cheap enough. Once you get one installed in the phone, we can get you the instructions on what file you need to load on the SD card to get you up to date! Once you're current on Oreo, the Verizon Servers should see that and send you the new Pie/One UI update!

    AT&T Note 9 stuck on September security patch-my_settings.jpg

    Mine is already PIE so don't expect yours to look like that
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    03-20-2019 04:45 PM

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