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    Hi - wonder if anyone can help pls. Had Note 9 for 2 days so a bit of a novice - friend was doing text to speech on her iphone yesterday and I went messing about in settings to find out how to do on my phone. When I get to 'install voice data' - with Samsung engine it takes me to a page to download and I get a box where 'installed' is highlighted but 'open' is not so I can't go any further.

    With google engine, it takes me to a page to choose the voice I want, I click at the side of the preferred one and then have to use back arrow to go back to where I was and nothing is done, if that makes sense.

    I rang samsung and the lady eventually said you only have option on note 9 to let your phone speak everything to you if, for example, you have sight problems etc - I said I know there is that option on the phone, but there is also an option to have text to speech separately - she said that's not an option, only to have everything read out to you. I disagreed and said if that was the case, the text to speech option would be a part of the full option and therefore not on it's own.

    Could someone please enlighten me because I'm sure with such a technically advanced phone this should be an easy thing to achieve. I don't need this though, it's just if someone with an old iphone can do this easily, I thought the Note 9 would be able to.

    Sorry to waffle but trying to explain it all in one go.

    Thank you
    05-16-2019 06:34 AM

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