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    The Google assistant stopped communicating with my smart devices.

    They will work if I manually push the toggle on and off for each device. Yesterday things were fine. It has been 24 hours and now I have a problem, again!!!

    Woke up this morning and activated my google assistant to turn on coffee pot.
    Noticed not the fresh smell of coffee, so I used my echo dot and coffee started brewing.

    I restarted my phone thinking maybe something overnight went haywire, but to my surprise it didn't help at all.

    Here is the strange part.
    My wife's S10 plus from Xfinity works fine and communicate as usual with all smart devices.

    My Sprint Note 9 just doesn't want to work in that capacity.
    I've deleted all the apps to all the smart devices and reinstalled them all.
    Cleared Google cache and storage and reinstalled everything.
    unplugged each device and reinstalled each device.
    And, nothing!!!!
    None will work with theGoogle Assistant unless I manually toggle them on or off.

    Has anyone experienced this?

    My Alexa works fine. Business as usual. But between the ending of GOT last night and now I have and issue.
    Last used Google assistant yesterday to turn living room lights off to watch game of thrones. Probably should have left them on with that Crap they gave us.
    Anyway the Google Assistant will tell you the weather, set appointments, and anyting other than connect to Smart devices.

    I'm stuck!
    I've had it with this
    note 9. One problem after another. I will be selling this phone. I was holding out for a new note 10. But I'm going to grab a Note 9 through Xfinity and finally say goodby to Sprint.

    I'm not full resetting it again. I've done that 3 times in the last 3 weeks. Frustrated and Done!!
    05-20-2019 11:55 PM

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