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    Hi all,

    I've been using Note 4 with great satisfaction up to some months ago. Then one day switch off and I've been using a cheap Huawei for a while.
    Then I decided to buy Note 9 whereas I was in strong doubt with Mate 20 Pro or P20 Pro because of the pictures but at the end my old love for Note series won.
    I used it for 6 months already and I can just say I am strongly disappointed of the functionalities left!
    I am writing to ask some help to get them back or how to take full advantages of the "poor left".
    - I've installed the old "S Note" because I had old books with useful data and I love the possibility to store them into "books".
    They removed the "scratch" notes included into S Note so I must use Samsung Notes that 1) doesn't sync with anything 2) it's messy
    - they removed the "screen cut sections" and they were synced as well. Now I can't access them anymore and they are all saved as pictures along with screenshots (dumb down)
    - I can't set anymore the possibility to keep the phone in silent mode and just allow ring calls from anyone wants to call (NOT selected ones, but EVERYONE).
    I am scared of update to the last version because I read they cut the functionalities of multiwindows…
    - They removed the handwriting recognition from notes.

    Please, help me to get the best out of the Note 9 because I am really disappoinded of what Samsung did.

    Could you help me to boost the potentiality of the Note 9?
    07-14-2019 03:37 AM
  2. evohicks's Avatar
    Hi, if you do a forum search you will find lots of posts on the S-Note/Action memo topic.

    Unfortunately Samsung have moved at a fair pace since the Note 4 and things have changed considerably, there are lots of tutorials on YouTube for getting the best out of the Note 9.
    I have all my old S-Note files saved from my Note 4 and they look/work just fine on the Note 9, I have the Scrapbook app which is working fine also, I did like how Action memo worked on the early Galaxy Note phones but I never really used it that much so no big loss to me but if you look into the Samsung Notes app there is an option to write emails/web address's/phone numbers/maths etc to be converted accordingly.
    07-14-2019 07:16 AM

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