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    Another Brain-Lock Issue.

    Last winter, the car was in the shop for repair. The insurance company authorized a loaner, and the last remaining loaner that the body shop had was a newish Cadillac something-or-other.

    I'm on a Verizon Note 9, and am not a profligate Bluetooth pairer. Practicing safe Bluetooth always, things being what they are nowadays. Bluetooth stays off unless there's a specific thing that needs doing, usually transferring photos to the computer.

    But the Cadillac had a drive-in size screen in the dash and I decided to pair with it to see what the deal was (had never paired with a car before).

    In due time, the bonk in my Toyota body was fixed and the Caddy went back.

    But "Cadillac" yet remains as a pairing choice whenever I bring up the Note BT function. I can't find how to make it go away. It's like an STD; 3 days with a Cadillac and the curse is there forever. Still paying the price.

    Thank you as always for any help or suggestions
    09-16-2019 07:37 AM
  2. Brad Bilger's Avatar
    You can try:
    Settings > Connections > More connection settings > Reset Network connections. It'll fix your bug, but it will clean out all connections. You'll have to re-enter all your wifi passwords and re-pair all your bluetooth connections. It's a total reset of your connections.
    09-16-2019 08:00 AM
  3. hallux's Avatar
    The less-nuclear option is to go into Settings > Connections > Bluetooth, tap the gear next to the device from which you wish to unpair and select the 'unpair' option...
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    09-16-2019 08:04 AM
  4. wm4's Avatar
    Zut Alors! Milagro!

    Thanks you , Gents! Free at Last!

    Eschewed the scorched-earth option; hallux, My Man! Why did I never find that solution? Sheer Dumbassery, is what, another one for the Brain-Lock scoreboard.
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    09-16-2019 11:17 AM

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