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    Hi all, sorry for the typo in the title. I meant, a reminder for everyone who uses Google Pay.

    I tried Samsung Pay on my Note 9 but switched to Google Pay as it allowed you to touch and pay on any screen at long as the phone was unlocked. With Samsung Pay, your had to specifically open the Samsung Pay app.

    A friend noticed that I doubled tapped the power button to open the camera app and then asked couldn't someone then take my phone, open the camera bypassing the fingerprint unlock and then pay for something? When I tried that myself, Google Pay still activates.

    So a reminder. If you use Google Pay, you need to disable the double tap the power button to launch the camera app.
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    03-06-2020 06:49 PM
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    I think Google Pay is now allowing payments up to $30 without authenticating, I believe Apple Pay has a similar allowance. With the latest Pixel updates (March, 2020 security patch) Google Pay was added with the long-press menu, it brings up a scrolling list of your cards (or your recent/often used ones) to allow you to quickly select a different one for that transaction, this also works on the lock screen but I haven't tested it with an actual payment yet.
    03-06-2020 08:04 PM

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