1. road_kill's Avatar
    First I like to say: wow I have not used this account since I had the palm pre and that was ages ago... woe duude.

    OK so now I have picked up a galaxy note edge, so far I like it. Nothing really to hate, but some things are making me think twice and change to the N4

    One is price. AT&T charges a hell of a lot of money for this phone. Yes it is broken down into payments but it is still a lot.

    Two is grip ability. I have found that it can be akward to hold in hand with the small edge to grip on. I do think that the glass helps some. I do have times where i think i might drop it. And that powerbutton can be a pain in the **** sometimes.

    Battery life I love over my iphone and it does drain fast, but a few tweeks here and there will fix that. So thats not really much of an issue per say.

    So i not have much grips so far except for the big price tag thats attached to it . So i hope that the community here will help me out with questions i do have. Thank you for reading this if you do. I hope your replies help me out to decide what is best. Thanks
    02-25-2015 06:45 PM
  2. oditius's Avatar
    I like a naked phone, so I don't use a case. But I got a black and gold bumper. Makes it easier to hold. But to tell the truth, it is a big phone to use one handed. But it can be done. Cost really is only about $100 difference. I have the AT&T version. The bootloader is locked and no one seems to be working on it. So if you think about rooting, that isn't possible right now.

    Sent from my Samsung Galaxy Note Edge via AT&T using Tapatalk
    02-25-2015 07:14 PM
  3. Roland Atkinson's Avatar
    Im going for the Edge if I where you, the price yes is a huge factor but still having a unique and good looking phone is a plus, but if you are having a problem with the grip by a good case, anyway it is just me, the Note 4 is also good
    02-25-2015 07:24 PM
  4. dmateo's Avatar
    Give it a fair chance it's an awesome device. Well worth the extra 100

    Posted via the Android Central App on my Note Edge
    02-25-2015 08:42 PM

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