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    Hello AC members. New to the Galaxy Edge, but not Android or AC. I've had 20 phones in over 22 months Including rotten Fruit phones (former retail manager that sold mobile tech ) I am on the 14 day "tryout" with the edge. I had held out for what the m9 was going to be, but screen resolution and battery size turned me off. S6 was just as bad for me (although screen looks to be fantastic) IMO, I have the G3 in VZW Red and am completely happy with this device. That said I was excited to see what LG would do for the follow up with the G4, but if the renders are correct, I will not own nor use a pre-bent curved phone. Just not my style... So here I am torn between keeping the Edge, or going with the Nexus 6 (my only hold out is VZW only sells blue 32gb) I am really liking the edge and what it offers, but not too many cases will work the battery cover (I bought the Qi wireless, and wireless charging is a STANDARD for my personal use) so any thoughts or ideas will be sure to help me. Otherwise, its return zone for the Edge and holdout for something spectacular. Thanks to any suggestions and comments.
    03-13-2015 05:10 PM
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    1) Samsung + Verizon normally means a welded-shut bootloader, if that matters to you. (No foreign kernels, no foreign ROMs, etc.)

    2) N6 - non-removable battery, no SD slot. I wouldn't take one for free, except to sell it for the money.

    Then again, I can't seem to find anything but Samsung with an SD slot and a removable battery, so rock/hard place for AT&T/Verizon customers. If I ever buy a phone again it's probably going to be something from the Ara project, so this Note 3 better keep running for a long time.
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    03-13-2015 05:42 PM
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    I agree. I like the option of being able to make my own phone to my exact specifications. I dont mind not having an SD card slot as long as i have a 32gb or larger for memory. But the TW eats so much space and that is what made me drop Samsung. I had Epic, 4g, GS2 Epic Touch, GS3, Note 2, GS4, GS5. I gave a lot of years to them. Moved to HTC and LG and found it to be less intrusive. Im sure someone out there has lerned or can Root the VZW Edge. If not a custom Launcher will help LOL. The battery also for me has never been an issue. With the m7, m8 and LG G2 all had sealed and I never had an issue.
    03-13-2015 07:01 PM
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    I did play with a Note 4 Edge, but wasn't too keen on it, compared to the S6 Edge with the power button on the right it doesn't make it as sharp of an edge to it. Still I have had the Note 2 and 3, way too many phones, (8 or 9 last year alone). In terms of the edge features, what do you see as the key benefits compared to a standard Note 4, what drew you to it the most?
    03-13-2015 08:59 PM
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    Honestly the edge appealed to me. My screens are vacant of all apps and folders. It is useful. Also liked the metal edges. Coming from m8 and g3, I want a premium device. My personal specs include at least 32gb storage, 3 gb ram, expandable memory (but I'm moving slowly into cloud based storage for photos and music) 3000 mha battery minimum. Great camera and less bloat. Tw seems to be better on this device thsn previous Galaxy models. Maybe it's buyer's remorse... But I'm happy with it

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    03-14-2015 02:05 AM
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    The Edge, is revolutionizing the way smart phones will be in the future. For example, few people credit Motorola Atrix as the reason why finger scanners are now becoming a stander/popular in smart phones..

    I own an Atrix and I've witness (as many of you have) multiple companies steal some of their ideas. For instance, LG with the power button in the back, finger scanner on iPhones and Samsung devices.

    Keep your Edge, and witness once again innovation..
    03-14-2015 12:50 PM
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    Two weeks on...

    I must say I am impressed with the Edge and many things about it and also very disappointed as well.

    My pros: screen is AMAZING! Video, articles and games look downright perfect. Colors pop whether I have brightness all the way up or keeping it down. Camera is great with very little to gripe about. Feels good in my hand. I went with the Samsung Qi back for wireless (as I posted all my phones MUST HAVE) and the texture feels good without getting slippery. Speaker is decent with enough to power through a few games or small video snippets I watch throughout the day. Fingerprint scanner is much improved over previous versions as well. Pen is great for jotting notes and making funny pics for my kids to see.
    Cons: Battery life. I keep my phone with 25% brightness and kill most apps when Im finished reading/playing and yet I still lose more than 50% of battery life before I go home for work. I do not play with phone much while at work, so to die faster than my LG G3, big let down. it is 130pm my time and im already at 60% with only maybe an hour of use since 6am. Cases. There is not any type that works with the back, that I can find. So top offer a product that nothing works with, again IMO, is part of Samsung's problem. Am glad they finally built it in with their future models coming, but they have been doing this for years. Touch wiz. I am still not a fan of the UI. It is less invasive than prior versions, but it still just didnt resonate with me. I put Nova back and placed my icon pack back on(looks better, if only just a mask) S-Pen. I like it, but don't love it. In fact if Samsung made the device without a pen you could put less of their bloat and make it have a bigger battery. And with same specs and screen, I would definitely grab that instead of this.

    I'm not in love, but I don't hate it. There are some things Sammie did right and there are some things they can learn from this and make it better. I would recommend if you want a phone almost as big as the Note, but more compact and easier to hold IMO. But I feel my G3 is still the better choice for me. If the soon to be rumored HTC m9+ leaks are correct, then I would wait to see what comes of that as well as the LG G4.
    03-25-2015 04:35 PM
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    Like you, I am new to the Note Edge world. I upgraded from an S5 running Android 5.0.0 that couldn't stay charged for longer than 6 hours whereas it would easily go for 2 days with Android 4.4.4. I agree with everything you said except my battery life has been phenomenal. I send constant texts throughout the day, listen to about 4-6 hours of music using a wired headphone connection, and listen to about 40 minutes of music via Bluetooth (morning and afternoon commutes) followed by another 40 minutes of music via Bluetooth that evening.

    My phone seems to drop pretty quickly in battery to 85% by 10:00 AM (unplugging it at 7:00 AM) but it then holds steady to ~75% by the time I get home. It finally gets down to about 50% by the time I go to bed, maybe 30% if I really don't set it down. That's better than my S5 was when running Android 4.4.4 as I used it less, probably due to the smaller display. My S5 would be down to 30% if I used it the way I normally use my Edge, it would barely be kicking at 5-10% with heavy usage.

    I also don't blame Samsung for the lack of cases available for the Note Edge. They have their portfolio case, similar to the Note 4's portfolio case. They then rely on 3rd party companies to make cases, there's a handful more available for the Note 4 but it's nothing compared to the S5 or the iPhone 6/6 Plus. I wasn't expecting an onslaught of cases for the Note Edge, it is an expensive and niche phone. It's not like Samsung can force companies to release cases for all of their phones.
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    03-26-2015 09:19 AM

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