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    People that use Companion Link on the Note Edge are prolly going to be the only ones who can answer this.

    I use Companion Link for my calendar which syncs to Outlook. Companion Link as you know is like a suite of apps, calendar, journal, notes etc. There is one button that you touch to open the full suite and then the other apps are inside of it. You pick which apps you want to show up on your home screen so there is no actual app displayed when you open the Edge manager for single apps like the calendar which I'd like to put on my Edge panel.

    Does anyone know how I might accomplish this? It seems you can't just add an app to the home screen and then slide it directly onto the Edge panel which is the only way I can figure out that this would work. Hoping someone has figured out how to do this.

    08-09-2015 04:32 AM

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