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    Came from a Galaxy Note 5 with At&t. Got a Galaxy Note Edge also At&t but unlocked so I went to Tmobile prepaid. At&t was pretty much a ripoff. Like the Tmobile service much better and it has a lot more for the money.

    Like the note edge-wasnt sure about it until I got to check it out first hand.

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    01-02-2016 05:24 AM
  2. NotAnAppleGuy's Avatar
    Hope you enjoy it. After being spoiled for over a year with an Edge Screen that provides more functionality than the phone itself, I simply can NOT go back to another phone that doesn't have this option on this scale.

    The good thing is, this phone is perfect for me and it's nothing on the market that even raises my brow or that I lust for.

    The bad thing? If something happens to this phone and it can't be repaired or I have to get another type of phone, I don't think I will be able to operate on the basic level of a self sustaining mammal lol.

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    01-02-2016 07:50 AM
  3. anon(5719825)'s Avatar
    Like mentioned above, I love this phone. I have had it for just about a year now and there is no other Android phone that even interested me.

    I bought my Note Edge at the same time I bought my Note 4. I have 4 lines active on T-Mobile and now use only the Note Edge and 3 iPhones. I quit using the Note 4 when I got the 6S and 6S+ last month. I'll keep using my Note Edge till it quits working.

    I originally tried 5.0.1 on my Note Edge and went back to 4.4.4. where it still is and will remain. I was lucky when I bought both of these phones last January. I bought the Note 4 first and paid for it outright through T-Mobiles site and a week later, ordered the Edge. They never charged me for the Edge and had no record of it so couldn't charge me if they wanted to. this happened also with an iPhone 5S I bought two years ago. They unlocked all the phones for me with no problems.

    Enjoy the phone.
    01-11-2016 03:36 PM
  4. DAS's Avatar
    I echo the comments of everyone. Until I purchased the Note Edge I changed phones yearly.

    Since owning the Edge a year and half ago I simply cannot even imagine another phone. Gs6 Edge doesn't even come close to this phone in terms of functionality, and my only disappointment is knowing that Samsung will not make another Note Edge.

    On the other hand we owners have a unique and powerful device that in my opinion is still the best on the market.

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    01-16-2016 09:49 AM
  5. Talderon's Avatar
    My only issue with the Note Edge that I have (AT&T) is:

    When AT&T updated the phone to 5.1.1, the edge panels that have icons to launch apps stopped responding most of the time. I would have to tap the icons 3-6 times or more to get it to launch.

    I spoke with AT&T about it and they sent me 3 replacement phones (not at once). Each phone worked perfectly on the edge panel until 5.1.1 was installed.

    So, on the last device, I decided to stay on 5.0.1. Until I woke up the next morning and my phone was force updated and I had no way to go back.
    01-19-2016 01:33 PM

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