1. akshapatil's Avatar
    my samsung note edge SM-N915G encountered firmware update error during su installation. after that i tried to flash stock rom and phone went to boot loop. then i flashed TWRP. in TWRP touch doesnt work and after showing recovery menu phone gets turned off. what would be the possible reason behind this continuous turning off of phone? one thing to note that phone does boot into download mode and remains on till we remove battery.
    08-25-2016 11:45 AM
  2. anon(632115)'s Avatar
    Try Samsung Smart Switch emergency firmware recovery
    08-25-2016 11:52 AM
  3. akshapatil's Avatar
    tried with samsung smart switch emergency firmware recovery. after completion of process phone did boot into recovery and shown Green Android lying down and a red triangle with an exclamation point inside it. i did factory reset and wiped cash. phone did boot into and come back to home screen. but it restarts on itself every now and then .
    08-26-2016 10:30 PM
  4. akshapatil's Avatar
    Solved! flashing android 5.1.1 with repartition using ODIN solved the issue.
    08-28-2016 04:31 AM

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