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    I'm in the US but learned yesterday that buyers in Singapore get free with purchase the new Samsung BT keyboard, BT S Mouse and the samsung case. Here that would cost me about an extra $160. Of the so - called perks I got with my 12.2 wifi 32.5 - the ones that were worthwhile -- was the $25 playstore credit and I believe $25 for the hub, which I really could care less about. All the rest are B'S and require credit cards etc. I feel we're being screwed out of some nice gifts for the $700 we're spending. Since samsung is marketing this as a "business" and laptop replacement tab, it's natural that it SHOULD come supplied with keyboard, mouse and case. I see a class action here. Everyone should call samsung and complain. Agreed?
    04-02-2014 09:40 AM

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