1. fairfieldwizard's Avatar
    It's a small thing but has anybody been able to actually take advantage of the 12 week NYTimes subscription that was included with the Pro? I've searched high and low and all that's actually available is the same 30 day subscription all new subscribers to the paper get. I called Samsung CS and althought they acknowledged, the offer, they couldn't tell me any more about how to take advantage of it. They referred me to the NYTimes. I called the NYTimes. They didn't know anything about the offer either. Guess who they referred me to?
    04-11-2014 02:20 PM
  2. Miami1683's Avatar
    It's an app on the tablet

    Sent from my SM-N900V using Tapatalk
    04-11-2014 03:29 PM
  3. fairfieldwizard's Avatar
    Yes but it's a 30 day subscription.
    04-14-2014 04:11 PM
  4. onewac's Avatar
    Do you have to enter the code that you got with your registration confirmation email. I deleted mine since my world doesn't evolve around NY. Also the other two offers for business mag and the airline thing.
    04-14-2014 11:53 PM

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