1. drrejensen's Avatar
    ANyone know the best app to print regular word documents on the Note Pro? I have used the samsung print app and it can't find my printer. I ended up getting Printbot pro which at least can find my printer and print PDF formats. ALso would like to print docx files?

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    05-11-2014 01:36 AM
  2. bill-e's Avatar
    Which printer do you have? I've not done extensive printing but having a wifi enabled printer and it's companion manufacturers printing app works the best. (ie Brother printer and Brother iPrint). If you're printer is at least on your home network then Google Cloud Print works good.
    05-11-2014 08:35 AM
  3. Nychotxxx's Avatar
    Check to see is there is an app in the app store for your particular printer. I have a brother wifi laser printer and I use the brother app and everything prints seamlessly.
    05-11-2014 08:37 AM
  4. Miami1683's Avatar
    Try printer share in the market. I've had it forever and still use it today. My NP 12.2 Note 3 Note 10.1 all print flawless

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    05-11-2014 09:32 AM
  5. beh's Avatar
    I use PrinterShare and PrintHand and both work very well for me. They are both in the App Store and both require a purchase.
    05-11-2014 03:21 PM
  6. mickeylittle777's Avatar
    I also purchased Printer Share a couple years ago for $9.99 and haven't looked back as it has worked on every Wifi system that has a printer on that network that I've tried. For me it has worked like a charm on several Android tablets and phones.
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    05-11-2014 06:48 PM
  7. pat06's Avatar
    For my Canon MG5350, i have installed Pixma Print APPS. The "print" option does not work but I am using a workaround. To print a page or a doc, I select the "share" option and then "Pixma print" and it works.
    05-23-2014 08:28 AM
  8. beh's Avatar
    I have now tried the new Epson Android printing app and find it to be a great option for Epson WiFi printers. The App lets you print directly to the wireless Epson printer without having to be connected to the network the printer is on.
    05-25-2014 12:49 PM

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