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  1. uhisthisonetaken's Avatar
    Does the extra weight bother you? What's the lightest case? Is there a smart cover available for the note pro?
    06-05-2014 10:21 AM
  2. spazzmeister's Avatar
    I don't have my case yet. I expect an increase in weight with the case.

    Posted via Android Central App
    06-05-2014 01:25 PM
  3. mickeylittle777's Avatar
    Sure I actually use 2 cases. The one for work is the Logitech bluetooth keyboard case and when I get home I switch to my Moko slim case for couch and chair use. The extra weight doesn't bother me, especially the Moko case which is very light. But as Muzzy does point out below it does add weight to the tablet for sure. I do stand by my statement though that the extra weight of the Moko case doesn't bother me and I believe one of the main reasons for that is because most of the time I have it in the much heavier Logitech keyboard case. So when I swap over to the Moko case it does feel like a feather. lol Moko Samsung Galaxy Note PRO & Tab PRO 12.2 Case - Slim-Fit Multi-angle Folio Cover Case for Galaxy NotePRO & TabPRO 12.2 Android Tablet, BLACK (With Smart Cover Auto Wake / Sleep): Computers & Accessories
    06-05-2014 02:00 PM
  4. Nychotxxx's Avatar
    I too have the moko case in both black and brown. It folds DOWN and has several ridges for best angle to work or watch movies, tv. It add no real weight.
    06-05-2014 02:45 PM
  5. Evilguppy's Avatar
    I use a Moko, it adds almost no weight. I need my tablet protected because it goes everywhere with me and if it breaks, I'll probably have a heart attack, lol.
    06-05-2014 09:06 PM
  6. jackwagon06's Avatar
    I'm the guy that paid for the Sammy smart case. I'm happy with it. Like mickeylittle, I also use the logitech for a more laptop environment when needed. The Sammy case offers no weight increase.

    Posted via Android Central App
    06-06-2014 04:34 PM
  7. muzzy996's Avatar
    I'm using a Belkin Cinema Stripe folio that happened to be in stock at Best Buy when I picked up my current tab pro. It weighs in at a whopping 436-grams which is nearly 60% of the weight of the Note Pro. The heft of this case makes me want a lighter one but it also makes the tab feel more premium in hand (due to the build and the quality leather feel) and the magnetic closure is effective (so strong in fact that it impacts usefulness of the buttons and pen LOL). Anyone considering the Belkin is forewarned that it's hefty.

    Sorry to be that guy . . I mean no offense to the others . . and I'll admit that I'm biased cause I'm acutely aware of how much heft that my heavy case is giving my Note Pro . . but I raise a brow when I read claims about cases that are 30% the weight of the Note Pro being attributed to no perceivable weight increase. Put in perspective, an ipad mini weighs in at 312 grams naked whereas a Moko case for the Note pro comes in at 283 grams (37%) and a Samsung book cover case at 227 grams (30%). Granted the Samsung case is significantly lighter than the Moko one but I'm sure we could all feel the difference between carrying just a naked Note Pro vs carrying it with an iPad mini strapped to it regardless of how magical an iPad mini might be :P .

    I'd just hate to do others a disservice by giving them false impressions when in fact the perception of weight increase has subjectivity to it so my advice to the OP and others trying to figure out what case to get is to take the recommendations with a grain of salt. Try to look at the specs of the cases before you buy and make a determination for yourself as to whether or not the weight is going to make a difference to you. When you see a case that you like try to find a reasonable basis of comparison (like the ipad mini example I outlined above) that you can use to help you decide.
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    06-06-2014 07:56 PM
  8. onewac's Avatar
    Anyone who takes a risk not using a case for any of their device is an accident just waiting to happen! Same with a good screen protector. Lesson learned on screen protector! Regardless of the brand, weight etc accidents do happen and putting a device in a case of any kind at least offers some protection. I use a case that doesn't a lot of weight but has a hand strap which is worth it's weight in gold for me. I get the ones that have two straps actually the hand strap to put my hand in and the smaller strap that keeps the flap secured whether it is open for use or closed.
    06-07-2014 12:28 AM
  9. madaudio's Avatar
    I bought a faux leather case from TheSnugg: certainly adds weight, but very nicely made, and has a strap to help when holding in one hand. Cutouts in all the right places for headphone, cameras, stylus and the three buttons at the bottom (bottom when held landscape fashion).
    06-07-2014 04:36 AM
  10. Lawrence Burroughs's Avatar
    Don't judge, but I actually like the official Book Cover from Samsung. It is thin and light, feels great, and matches the look of my note pro perfectly. Sure it costs $69, but for me it is worth it. The $15 Poetic case I have looks, feels, and weighs like a cheap case should. I also didn't like the way it folded open or the side it opened from. It seems backwards to me. The Logitech bluetooth case I had (and returned) was nice and worked exceptionally well, but is was heavy and thick. I might as well by a thin and light laptop. I guess the bottom line for me is that it is a personal decision. Get a few and try them out. Return the ones you don't like.

    Posted via Android Central App
    06-07-2014 08:53 AM
  11. ddavtian's Avatar
    +1 for Samsung Book Cover.
    06-07-2014 10:22 PM
  12. Caveman419's Avatar
    I use the Logitech Bluetooth Keyboard case at work (came with device). We have Virtual Machines set up and I can remote to them through my tablet and work anywhere. I am actually trying to decide if I want to try the actual Samsung Bluetooth Keyboard case but this one works so nice. I also have the Samsung S Mouse. It is a good mouse, I just wish the right click could be reprogrammed to not be the back button.

    I use the Samsung Book Cover at home. It is the perfect lightweight case for casual use .... and I got it for $19.99 at Best Buy when it was mismarked. I used the book cover with my Note 10.1 and loved it. Now that the auto on/off feature has been added, it was was no second thought to get it.

    I have an iBlason that came with it when I ordered it off of Swappa, but it just makes the device way to bulky.
    06-10-2014 02:51 PM

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