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    Hello everyone.

    I'm a student entering a program for radiography. For the course, they've required the use of a tablet. While I'm thankful for whatever sense they had not to require just iPads for the course, I decided that my old tablet, the Galaxy Tab 2 and its apparent lack of stylus function and handwriting software, wasn't going to cut it, and I splurged on the Note 12.2 Pro with the 64gb model. I'm planning on taking a ton of notes, photos, and more for the clinicals and heavy coarse load I'm expecting.

    The main thing I was attracted to this tablet for was note-taking software. My mobile phone is a Note II, so I was already pretty familiar with how Note-type devices function. I was already familiar with S Note, and I'm really like it so far, but I've also played with Papyrus, Lecture Notes, and I'm still considering other similar kinds of apps. Does anyone have any recommendations for note-taking apps other than the ones I've listed? Bonus points for ones that allow college-rule and a lot of customization of templates.

    And since Evernote was so generous as to grant me a free year of their Premium service to win me over for when it runs out, I've considered trying it. One thing that I don't like about Evernote is that it's entirely reliant on hand-writing recognition, and free-form handwriting takes up a lot of space on the note page. That said, if I can easily import the notes I've hand written in other apps and collect them all in a nice neat little pile in Evernote, I think I could see myself depending a bit more on the app to gather up notes, photos, contacts, vocal musings... Does anyone have experience with Evernote? Do you use it in conjunction with note-taking apps? Is it easy to upload notes to Evernote without converting it to a PDF file that then has to be opened in a separate program window, or is it possible to display the note as is? What if you have to/want to edit the note after you've uploaded it to Evernote? Some of these questions represent what I'm still experimenting with myself, but I'm curious if anyone's ever figured it out already. Also it's about 2 AM for me at the moment, so I'll probably be asleep within the hour for the next few.

    I don't typically root my devices. I find the Magazine feature a bit annoying, but it's honestly nothing I can't live with. Hell, maybe it's something that can be considered useful?

    I'm also in the market for accessories. I'd really like to find a case that can support a keyboard and has a hand grip. I don't suppose such a thing exists, does it?

    I know this is a lot of information to process, but for those who read through and can offer insight with your NP12.2 experiences, I am grateful.

    Have a good night,
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    06-16-2014 02:21 AM
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    I like lecture notes and S note. Your a/p classes will be the most challenging. I'm a C.T. tech in Md. Are your textbooks going to be e books? For cases, check Amazon. On my 2014 10.1 I'm using a keyboard case from Poetic.

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    06-16-2014 05:49 AM
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    Same but different ....

    Here in Toronto, Sacha Chua is high profile about note taking with a graphics tool.
    Her work documenting presentation at conferences particularly impresses me.

    However my needs are more to do with indexing and management.
    I have notes and documents, copies of presentations as powerpoint decks but for the most part all these are PDFs.
    Yes there are some good stand-alone PDF readers, but I really need a graphical manager.
    I see some tools that are about organizing ebooks that can deal with PDFs and use the 'bookshelf' model, but BAH! they don't seem geared to deal with large volumes of items. Some can create other 'shelves', some can't; some can tag; some can't.
    All in all organizing large numbers of items is awkward and is not dynamic. If I put my collection on a extSdCard they have to 'import' it, which as far as I can make out invovles making copies, and is not dynamic. If I use a file manager to add to my repository I have ti import again.

    Why is this relevant?
    At each lecture you are going to have
    * notes you take
    * copy of any handouts
    * photos of the blackboard
    * audio recordings
    * relevant articles that you look up

    I realise that much of the "sell" of tablets for students is reducing the weight by having ebooks and enotes. Yes that's important, my shoulder still hurts from my UG days of carting all the books back and forth. But the real power is going to be in indexing and searching.

    I'd certainly like to hear of experiences in that field since they will apply to whatever method of note-taking you use.
    06-17-2014 07:30 AM
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    How can you covert books bought through Google and Amazon to pdf?

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    06-17-2014 11:56 AM

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