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    With the vast improvements in handwriting apps I was wondering how many people have completely stopped using
    paper notes. If you have, how long did it take to make that change? I used to use a system when I was in the military called GEODEX. It was a company in California and the system was a lot like Franklin Covey. I traveled a lot and it was bulky, heavy but worked well. It had calendar, contacts, tasks, notes. Came in a leather bound, zippered case. It was also free. When I retired I moved to Franklin Covey. It was pretty much the same except not free. They are very proud of their products! About 12 years ago I started transitioning to electronic but hung on to my paper notes. Then 2 years ago I moved to the Galaxy family of Tablets and made the final move to no paper. Now with the Note Pro 12.2 I've put away paper for good. I like the art of writing. There is a certain satisfaction gained by the physical act of doing it. With apps like SNote, Action Memo, Papyrus, Evernote and many more, I have the best of both worlds. Everything in one place and much more. What's you're transition story?

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    I have always had a love hate realtionship with paper. I find writing notes helps with retention of details as many studies have been shown proving this. When you type or just listen, you do not retain the key concepts nearly as well as writing. I have been trying for a while to get away from paper and this tablet is really helping in that aspect. With my work, I can share a document to my tablet via a secure site and then I can mark it up on here and share it back to my work and email to whoever needs to write-ups. I use Lecturenotes a lot both for my personal writings as well as work. I love the widget that I can put on one of my homescreens. I use Lightning launcher, which allows me to have home screens above, below, left and right. I keep my personal stuff such as a list of my monthly bills above my main home screen row. The Bills list is a PDF that I have in lecturenotes. As each bill is paid, I highlight it in the text layer above the original pdf. When a new month starts, I simply erase all the highlighting and start anew. I keep my work stuff in a row below my main homr screen row and have anoth lecturenote widget which lists things that I need to get done today, and so on and when things are due.

    It is funny when I have team meetings and I bring the GPN in instead of a stack of papers that we are reviewing. I get odd looks sometimes and questions. Sometimes, the team members want to see my markups which are traditionally done by printing out the file and then using a pen to mark in the needed corrections, so instead of passing a paper to them for them to jot down the notes, I tell them that I will email them the file with markups when I get back to the office. The only issue I have with marking files up in this fashion and it would be the same when marking up paper, is when there are so many changes that need to be made, the notes over lap each other. In that case, I usually will take a blank form and type up what I want to see in the form.

    I like going paperless, but there are hickups, since my job is more structured toward using a paper for many aspects. i wish I had an easier way of transferring files to my tab instead of receiving files in email on my work computer. Downloading those files to the work computer. Sign into the secure file upload server, upload all the files, generate the email to my personal email account for a download link (changes with each download). Then I have to verify my work credentials with the secure file server, then I can download to my tablet and work on them. Then when I am done, I have to reverse the process to send the files back. The files are not classified or anything, but we cannot attach any device, thumb drive, etc to our work pcs. we can burn cds, but that would be an even longer process. It does work, but takes a little longer do what I need to do. Of course my other choice, is that I can always print them and mark them up by hand.

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