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    When the device came out, some users bought the MIME glass screen protector. Some complained that the edges were not cut properly and there were large edges around the LCD that are not covered. By searching through Amazon, I found a few more glass protectors. For example:

    1. High Definition (HD) Clear Tempered Glass Screen Protectors for Samsung Galaxy Tab/Note Pro 12.2

    2. Anoke® Samsung GALAXY Note PRO 12.2 P900 P901 Tempered Glass Screen Protectors 9h Hardness, 2.5d Rounded Edges, 0.3mm Thickness For (P900)

    3. Style Cellular Promotional Ultra-thin Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Samsung /Htc/iphone/lg with 9h Hardness/perfect Anti-scratch/shatterproof/fingerprint & Water & Oil Resistant

    Any experience with these two protectors? How are they compared with the MIME's?
    12-29-2014 07:03 AM
  2. muzzy996's Avatar
    Which glass screen protector do you recommend?

    I don't recommend snake oil.
    Lol, having a sacrificial layer of glass over such a large screen as this with no side effects on feel or usability has its value. It probably won't keep the display from cracking but long term wear and tear wise with an active stylus it's not a bad idea to have a little more protection from scratches. I go without protectors on all of my phones but love the peace of mind of having the mime tempered glass protector on this tablet. I have no fear of scratching the screen with the harder replacement tip for the s-pen since I know I can always just replace the protector.

    @petercohen I know the gaps around the edge are there on the mime screen protector but if you have a case that's got any sort of wrap around along the edges of the tablet then it's not that big of a deal IMO. The projector could stand to be a couple of millimeters larger in both directions but after several months of daily use I have had no issues with it, no peeling or lifting or bubbles etc. I just don't OCD over the gap is all..

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    12-29-2014 12:05 PM
  3. petercohen's Avatar
    Hi muzzy996, thanks for the experience. I am using the iBallz rather than a case. Do you think it is still better to get the mime rather than those from other companies?
    12-29-2014 07:10 PM
  4. muzzy996's Avatar
    Honestly not sure. Hoping someone else will chime in on their experiences with other tempered glass brands.
    12-29-2014 08:10 PM
  5. Osiapstndp's Avatar
    I use the "Ghost Glass" screen protector from MIME for my Note Pro 12.2. It works perfectly and I have no complaints whatsoever. I highly recommend it.
    12-30-2014 04:35 PM
  6. jdigiano's Avatar
    hi...just got my samsung galaxy note pro 12.2 and bought a Mr Shields screen protector (pkg of 3). After trashing one I successfully installed the 2nd without bubbles. However when I put it into my logictech keyboard case the bottom edges are pulling off. Would a glass protector work? I'm tempted to trash this one too but don't want scratches all over it either. Please advise...
    01-08-2015 03:00 PM
  7. Grimgrak's Avatar
    I've got the mime and love it, gone thru 3 of them already from me walking into a door one time and another from a fumble off my desk.
    01-18-2015 09:38 AM
  8. ioannisgk's Avatar
    Is there a video on how to apply the mime tempered glass protector on a tablet? Thank you
    01-18-2015 12:58 PM
  9. fatyank's Avatar
    How much of a gap is around the edge of the Mime screen protector?

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    01-23-2015 07:06 PM
  10. muzzy996's Avatar
    On mine the gabe is about 1.5 US pennies wide (talking thickness of two pennies stacked together).

    It really does not bother me one bit.
    01-23-2015 07:58 PM
  11. fatyank's Avatar
    So it covers virtually the entire front of the tablet. I use a Moko cover so that should be perfect. Thanks

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    01-23-2015 08:26 PM
  12. elvyb's Avatar
    I am using Invisasheild and have had it on mine since 3-1-14, and have no issues.

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    01-23-2015 08:32 PM
  13. Debbie Marcantonio's Avatar
    Is there a video on how to apply the mime tempered glass protector on a tablet? Thank you
    04-02-2015 09:28 AM
  14. Debbie Marcantonio's Avatar
    I would really be interested in an answer to that one as well as I just purchased ghost glass mine cover for my note pro 12.2 tablet and my note for phone thanks
    04-02-2015 09:37 AM
  15. madaudio's Avatar
    Anybody bought any of the anti-reflection protectors, and if so how well do they work?

    Have been sitting down for lunch at the odd cafe here and there, watching videos, and in dark scenes reflections are bad: especially if I have been dumb enough to wear a white t-shirt!!
    04-03-2015 12:19 AM
  16. micber's Avatar
    I finally found one!
    with the moto 2014 the edges are curved. i have had several glass screen protectors for it.if they are close to the edge it looks bad and has some gaps between the glass and the shield due to the curve. This one comes up a bit short on all the sides and as such fits flushly against the glass. it also does not look bad with a case due to the case has enough lip on it to make it less noticeable. it is also very thin so dragging things to the edges work fine. best one!
    06-19-2015 01:45 PM
  17. Carlo Villa's Avatar

    Got it from Amazon, tempered glass and no halos or bubbles.

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    10-04-2015 07:27 AM

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