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    Hello friends,

    I have recently been experiencing issues with my tablet (Galaxy Note Pro 12.2) not charging properly. Last night it was charging through a power socket in my home, but was only at 67% this morning, from approximately 15% last night.

    I am using the power cable and Samsung travel adapter (with output 5.3V - 2.0A). The travel adapter is being used with a Kogan Australian charger.

    The app GSam shows that my mA ranges from:

    around -1200 when not charging, and just the GSam app is open, to

    between -200 and 200 mA when charging, and just the GSam app is open.

    If I use the Samsung cord with another wall-charging device (such as my Apple iPod one), the numbers provided above are slightly lower, but in the same range when charging or not charging.

    Is there are hardware issue, or is there anything else I can do to get more information regarding my issues?

    03-13-2015 06:48 PM
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    The USB lead may be faulty, or the tablet's USB port damaged or dirty. Of course there are other possibilities, but it would be worth checking those ones first.

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    03-13-2015 06:55 PM
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    Either your USB cable or adapter is defective.
    Normally, the charging current should be around 1.7A or 1700mA. Please pay attention that Apple's charger has only 5V, 1.0 Amp output, Using Apple's charger , you only get around 0.7-->0.8 Amp to charge this tablet .
    Anyone should have a current and voltage USB tester which is around $5-6 on Ebay to verify if your cable or adapter or USB charging port is working properly. Reading the voltage and current display will help you identify problem quickly without guessing. This little tool is worth the money as I have seen too many posts and they have no idea what is wrong when their tablets are not charging properly.
    usb current and voltage tester | eBay
    Without any tool it's very difficult to identify which one is at fault . Full charge only takes around 4-5 hours with good adapter and USB cable.
    But in some cases, battery takes a long time to charge with good cable and adapter, then the problem may be from USB charging port or bad battery connector from motherboard. Battery's capacity fluctuation is either bad battery or battery connector, but the connector is more likely.

    You need step by step, start from adapter, USB cable, USB charging port, battery connector, then the last one is battery. The worst case is defective charging circuit on main board , you can only make this conclusion if all previous steps have been done.
    Something is wrong, the tablet is not charging, swap one by one: adapter, USB cable, USB port to find which one is defective.

    Why is my Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 charging so slow?-0.jpg

    Something is wrong with the adapter or USB cable or USB port or battery connector, unless the battery is full:

    Why is my Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 charging so slow?-1.jpg

    This reading is normal, the tablet is charging. Adapter, USB cable, and USB port are working. If battery is not charging fast enough, time to inspect battery connector and battery.
    Why is my Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 charging so slow?-normall.jpg
    Requirements for troubleshoot correctly:
    - Known working USB cable and adapter ( 5.3V, 2A ); ( 5V,2A ) for other models.
    - New USB charging port flex cable, around $6 to $14 on Ebay, search the right one for your model.
    - USB current and voltage detector, around $4 to $10 on Ebay,
    Search Youtube how to open the rear case, do the wrong way will damage the rear cover and LCD frame. For example, this Galaxy Note Pro 12.2, you will crack the LCD frame if trying to pry open from the front. On the opposite, you will damage the rear case of Galaxy Note Pro 10.1 if prying open it from the back.
    Open from the back or front varies from model to model.
    05-24-2015 12:22 PM

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