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    I accepted a request to try this case out and give a review. My review model is a light blue color but it also is available in purple, red, and green. The case is composed of silicone elastomer without any rigid components. It fits very snuggly around the Note Pro 12.2 completely covering the back and sides of the tablet with a very large face bezel around the front face of the tablet. The openings to access all of the ports as well as the IR blaster and camera line up perfectly. The power, volume, and home buttons work as well mounted in this case as they do naked. Further the S pen is fairly easy to remove even with stubby fingers when the tablet is mounted in this case. The side facing speakers have ports that redirect the sound to the front of the tablet and work very well without hindering the sound quality to any noticeable extent to this reviewer. The large front bezel allows for the tablet to be set face down with very little chance of the glass covered screen to touch the surface. It is also lightweight; no small matter for a tablet that itself weighs in at a little over 26 ounces. Additionally, it has a great tactile surface which makes it easy to handle without it slipping out of the user’s hands or sliding off of a hard surface. This case makes a great case for those that use the tablet for gaming and/or media center remote control as it gives excellent protection from bumps and scuffs.
    Poetic Turtle Skin case having good impact protection-turtleskin-1.jpgPoetic Turtle Skin case having good impact protection-turtleskin-2.jpgPoetic Turtle Skin case having good impact protection-turtleskin-3.jpgPoetic Turtle Skin case having good impact protection-turtleskin-5.jpgPoetic Turtle Skin case having good impact protection-turtleskin-7.jpg
    10-21-2015 01:36 PM

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