1. Chey187's Avatar
    It probably doesn't help I bought it on eBay but I see everyone that has one say their charge will last all day while I have to charge my Note Pro after 4 hours or so.
    Anyone know why that is? I try to see what apps take up the most energy or whatever but deleting them doesn't help much.

    Also my charging cable just broke/frayed at the end of the piece that connects to the Note Pro itself. I know better than to use off brand chargers and I didn't see any available on the Samsung Website so I was wondering where would be a good place to buy a new original one?

    Aaaand my daughter broke the screen the other day so now there's two thin cracks going all the way across it width wise. Has anyone ever needed to replace a screen? If so where could I go to get it fix for a reasonable price? The LED isn't broken or anything and it works fine still. The cracks are barely noticeable when it's in use.

    I take care of my Note Pro though it seems like I don't. Accidents happen unfortunately T_T
    05-30-2016 07:39 AM
  2. Carlo Villa's Avatar
    05-30-2016 08:22 AM
  3. treetopsranch's Avatar
    For the cost of replacing a screen, you can buy another Note Pro. Can't answer your question about short battery life. Mine lasts days. Something is running in the background of yours or it is a faulty unit. Try turning off blue tooth and location and any other thing that may use battery. Maybe someone installed something prior to your purchase that is causing the problem.
    05-30-2016 10:49 AM
  4. Rukbat's Avatar
    Battery life is like gasoline mileage - if you have a heavy foot, it's less. If you have a weak mobile signal you'll use more battery. If the screen is on all the time you'll use more battery. If you use the phone constantly you'll use more battery. Turning the phone on, then letting it sit on the desk most of the day with a strong mobile signal and with the screen dark uses very little battery.
    05-30-2016 11:37 AM
  5. Beut's Avatar
    Read this post

    Inspect the battery connector is beyond the scope of most average users as it requires experiences and microscope at least at 100x to see the crack, but most Note Pro has problems of quick discharge, slow charging...etc from this cracked battery connector .
    You need to remove the back cover and bring it to a repair shop to help resolder the battery connector; it takes only under 10 minutes.
    This is not an opinion or a guessing idea, I have repaired over hundreds of this Note Pro and I know exactly where this problem comes from, which is very common in Samsung tablets as well as this model.
    The LCD assembly costs as much as the price of an used Note Pro, I think you don't need to change it, just use an tempered glass to cover the crack,
    you should be fine as touchscreen and LCD are glued together by LOCA ( liquid optical clear adhesive ), the cracks will not extent further.

    Premium Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12 2 P900 | eBay
    If you want faster shipping, buy from US seller but it may cost more
    Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12 2 P900 P901 P905 | eBay

    You should try to fix both battery connectors first before try to replace new battery, it only costs under $20. USB charging cable you can use a micro USB to charge as it works the same as the USB 3.0 cable.
    05-30-2016 07:51 PM

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