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    This could have posted this in the general Samsung forum, but my request of Samsung was regarding my 12.2. I've posted a bit on this forum about the common charging issues so many of us are having. I've searched a wide area around the Philadelphia region but no company claiming to do repairs on tablets did any soldering so my repair was not a possibility with them. So I decided to bite the bullet and contact Samsung to find out what they would do in the case of an out of warranty service request.

    So far over the last three weeks I have put in two separate requests the second referring to the first. No answer whatsoever. Their site says, as others have pointed out, that they reviewing the request then will email the name of a suitable repair facility. No response.

    Anyone else send in repair requests lately? What was your experience? Any tricks we should know?
    12-08-2016 04:52 PM

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