1. Mike 1111's Avatar
    Happened overnight, audio level on ALL forms of media 75% lower than normal, headphone jack internal mechanical switch is okay, this effects speakers, headphones, and BT audio levels. Tried a dozen booster apps (one them suggested I may have another booster running, I don't). None of them had any effect, including no decreases. Removed a couple of recently installed apps "just in case". Schematic of hardware shows audio feed to BT radio is BEFORE driver amp (headphones use driver amp but NOT audio output amp). This rules out driver AND output amp failure since problem is also with BT audio. Hardware failure would only be DSP or pre amp (up to the tap for the BT radio input, not likely to be trouble, may still be digital data at this point .... this would likely be all or nothing with these components, not a linear reduction/supression). Since all of the software booster apps fail to work, I surmise that my issue is software related, and also the cause of all of the boosters failure to work at all. Had tablet for 2 years now, never seen anything like this before!

    Any Ideas?
    01-24-2017 04:51 AM
  2. treetopsranch's Avatar
    That's a new one for me. Maybe rooting caused that problem?
    01-24-2017 02:40 PM
  3. Mike 1111's Avatar
    Tablet has been rooted for two years with no previous issues.
    01-24-2017 11:12 PM

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