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    I was originally going to send to Beut because of his help, knowledge and generous offer to fix our NP Tabs for nothing. However because of the age and level of usage of my GNP12.2 I decided to also replace the charging/data port and the battery as-well-as the re flowing of the battery connector solder joints. That was, I thought, a bit too much to ask to do for nothing. So, I found a place in Texas that did everything for a reasonable price. I made sure they knew the detailed problems of charging/discharging and unwanted shutting down even with an adequate charge.

    All the fixes were done then he power cycled a couple of times and tracked amount of time of charge with and without video running. No symptoms of the typical GNP12.2 charging issues from his testing. Currently, I'm using extensively without charging cable attached ..... no evidence of any problems. Charging/discharging times are within expected times.

    If your interested, here is a YouTube video of a repair of theirs a bit more involved than the problem we have with charging/discharging:

    As you'll see, John knows what he is doing when it comes to repairing these. Also, he has many more related repair videos on his YouTube channel.

    Of course, I don't know if anyone can predict if the problem will return. For now, though, it is working as it did from the factory. With a bit more solder on the connector joints I hope the problem is eliminated or prolonged from returning.

    As I continue to use the tab I will report if any issue resurfaces. However, no news will be good news

    BTW ........... I am in no way related to anyone at Fix It Planet. No finders' fees.
    05-08-2017 11:50 AM

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