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    The 12.2 won't charge hardly at all (1% every 5-6 hours) regardless of charger or cable and while powered off. It's already had a new battery, port, and re-soldered connectors. Any I still had to baby it the last 6mo. I love the screen size and all that comes with the 12.2, but thats not enough to put up with unreliable operation due to charging. Two years ago I my computer elliterate brother-in-law a Verizon 12.2. Not one issue with charging and he now uses it daily with it being his primary tools for news, and hobbies. Being new to the internet (believe it or not) he says he's opened to a new world out there. But no charging issues

    I couldn't wait for another Android 12+ screen tab so I got the new Tab S4. Love it!
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    10-07-2018 07:45 PM

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