1. waynezo's Avatar
    If I sync my iPhone to iTunes before I trade it in I think everything will be saved except my photos, right?

    I'm considering Samsung Kies proprietary software or Double Twist. What is the best syncing software for Android?

    Is there a way to backup the Android Phone to the cloud?

    Any advice or recommendations will be greatly appreciated.
    02-16-2012 04:41 AM
  2. Professor777's Avatar
    I too am switching from the accursed iOS and The antiquated iPhone.
    I backed up everything to iTunes, and that includes photos. I'm also deleting anything I don't want on the phone before I sell it.
    I'm going to go with Samsung Kies, at least to start with.

    Yes, there are android cloud services, but I'm planning on doing back up to the SD card. Call me skeptical, but everything you place in the cloud is open to a lot more eyes than you realize.
    02-16-2012 07:18 AM
  3. Nchaka's Avatar
    In itunes there is a way to sync your contacts with Google. If you check that it will put your contacts on your Note when you log in the first time.
    With your iphone plugged into the computer, go to contacts and the option should be at the top. As for music, doubletwist will sync your music and playlists from itunes to your new phone. Also if you purchase airsync for doubletwist it will do it over wifi.

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    02-16-2012 09:53 AM
  4. artaqaf's Avatar
    i followed these steps to begin the process so when i get my Note tomorrow, i can sync my iPhone's contact list to it:

    How to Set Up Google Sync for iPhone
    02-16-2012 01:10 PM
  5. rchap's Avatar
    As far as contacts go, there is an even eaiser way which I SHOULD HAVE DONE. If you go to icloud.com you can export all of your contacts to a VCF file, and you can import that file into your google contacts.
    02-19-2012 02:10 PM