1. durocherf's Avatar
    Email on my Galaxy Note seem to miss the options to check a series of email to either delete or simply mark "as Read".

    On the Galaxy SII there is a check box you can mark next to each email, making it simple to mark multiple messages for deletion or as read.

    Not having this box means having to click on each individual message, one at the time to get a sub menu with the options for deletion or to mark as read or not read.

    I also read email on my PC so if I just finish reading 50 email on my PC I don't want to have to take action on the emails on my Galaxy Note ... One ... at ... a ... time ... . ... AND I DON'T WANT TO DELETE THEM as I may have to refer to these messages while on the road.

    Is this a Galaxy Note problem (ie: Samsung layer) or a provider problem, mine is Telus in Canada.

    And NO ... Going through Google Gmail is not an option for me ... I use my phone for business and security is an issue for my customers when it comes to Gmail.

    Rather than use GMAIL, I would be forec to go to an iPhone or back to BlackBerry.

    Fore everything else the Galaxy Note is a great tools... but its not enough.

    03-19-2012 08:16 AM