1. pnwAl's Avatar
    I was using my international, unlocked Note to video my son's baseball game when it froze. I tried the stop button in the app, the home button, the back button but no response, just frozen video on the screen.

    I was sorta low on battery and I know that the video sucks battery so I just did a battery pull. I replaced it with a fully charged battery but it won't start, period. I tried a 3rd battery same thing. It is DOA.

    I tried:
    Plugging the phone direct to a charger
    Pulling the SIM card and trying to start
    Pressing the reset button

    Any ideas?thx!
    07-29-2012 07:33 AM
  2. spagman's Avatar
    Pull the battery and sim out for half hour.... See if that works. If not
    can you get the phone in download mode?

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    07-31-2012 12:15 AM