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    Hi Guys

    Been a note user since Jan 2012 and still running on GB no ICS update available. Running on CSC :-VNO UBKK2 tried contacting Samsung Latin America (VNO=Chile/Venezuela) but no help. They refer to update via Kies if OTA does not work, however Kies never works gives error" GT-N7000 does not support initialization " i have updated Kies atleast with 5-6 different updates. I also have TTT (Trinidad and Tobago) as another CSC to which i can switch however switching to TTT renders phone not recognized by Kies and OTA doesnt work either. I have stock GB and ICS from other European Countries but want to stay away with the emmc bug as i dont have a warranty on my note as its Unlocked. Does any one have any update as to when would ICS be available for VNO and other remaining South American CSC's or any stable Stock ROM that i can Flash without bricking my phone.
    10-01-2012 05:51 PM
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    Go to xda, download the latest open Germany ics with is the LRT build and flash it using Odin. Make sure you perform a full wipe on your phone BEFORE you flash the new ROM. Once you are on ICS, do not try and do a factory reset, you need to root your phone and flash a safe kernel like Hydracore. There are stickies to help you do all this at xda. Good luck!

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    10-02-2012 11:34 AM

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