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    I have searched and nothing seems to be the same as my issue, so.....

    On hotmail login page, put cursor in the box for email address and if predictive text is on, once I start typing the someone@hotmail doesn't disappear and what I'm typing doesn't appear in the box. When I press @ or space bar only the first letter I type appears. But if predictive text is off it fills in as it should.

    I also have the same issue when trying to reply to a thread on the ebay community forums. Also on there, the reply box shrinks to just show the toolbar, although if I scroll up it brings the text part of the reply box into view and shows what I've typed (as long as predictive is off).

    It happened before, but I thought it was a virus or malware as I'd just discovered my hotmail had been hacked. Resting the phone to factory sorted it.

    I don't mess around with system settings so that's not the problem. Is it a known problem and if not, what could be causing it? It's fine with predictive with on here, and searching google is fine.
    02-02-2013 11:40 PM

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