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    I recently updated my Galaxy Note to 4.1.2 and now when my camera is in the car dock it records upside down.
    If I unplug the power, it returns to the right way up.
    If I play the video back, regardless if plugged in or not, it play the right way up.
    I have the phone set to auto rotate and this works for everything except the video camera when it's in the car dock.
    It's really annoying as I use the camera to record while driving and now I have to set up the dock so that the cables point out towards the drivers side rather than the passenger.

    Anyone have any idea why it is doing this?
    Is there any setting I may have missed that would fix this?
    It used to auto rotate before I updated... so that is the only thing I can put it down to.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    (UPDATE: I've just updated the camera only to 4.2.2 and it seems to have fixed the problem.)
    10-05-2013 07:02 AM
  2. firecrakka's Avatar
    No Luck.
    As soon as I upload the video to the PC it's upside down again.
    I can just use some software to flip it, but it still seems like something is either set incorrectly or it's a bug in the camera software.

    Anyone else out there had similar issues?
    Tried recording while plugged in to Car Dock?
    10-07-2013 01:31 AM

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