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    Hi everyone. I've had my G-Note Original for 2 years and have had numerous problems with it. These are my latest issues.

    ISSUE #1: This issue has been going on for at least 2 months. My phone does not like to charge with anything besides the HTC cord/wall adapter combo I still have from my old HTC smartphone. This issue started when I noticed my GNote stopped charging with my Chargepod which I've had just as long as the phone itself. Then, it no longer charges with my T-Mobile brand car charger and my Philips brand ChargeOn "on-the-go charger" that I've used with my phone for over a year with zero problems.
    When I try to charge my phone on these chargers or any other cord, I have to hold the cord a certain way to keep it connected or it either disconnects from my phone or my phone charges "backwards". Earlier this month, I was on a train for an hour and my phone was at 50%. I plugged in the Philips ChargeOn and while my phone recognized it and said it was charging, the battery continued to drain and my phone eventually died. I kept the ChargeOn connected, hoping it would eventually charge but the screen changed to show the Android Robot and said it was downloading something and not to shut down my phone. That screen eventually went off when it sucked all the juice out of my ChargeOn.
    I replaced the battery which did not solve anything. The old battery is bloated and will no longer fit in my phone.

    ISSUE #2: This next problem is recent, it started about 2 weeks ago. Now, my phone is taking up to 6 hours to charge to 100%, which is getting a little impossible because I need to use my phone. I usually turn it on around 50% to check texts, voicemails, etc. then turn it back off so it can continue charging. I have noticed it takes about 2 hours after that to get to 60% because around this time, I will turn it back on to check things. Now when the battery finally says its at 100% I turn it on. Once its on, the battery will say its really at 79% (give or take a few percentages) so I turn it off and plug it back in to charge and it continues to charge from there. It does not charge anymore while its turned on, instead it charges "backwards", so my car charger adapter that I use with the HTC cord is pretty much useless now. I have not seen my phone with a full battery in a week.

    I purchased an OEM battery from eBay which has a date stamped on it of April of this year that the seller claims is the battery's manufacturer date, I am waiting for it to be delivered still. What is causing my phone to have all these horribly inconvenient battery and charging issues? All Samsung has done is tell me to factory reset my phone which is their answer for everything.
    Any information is greatly appreciated as I am unable to purchase a new phone at the moment.
    06-22-2014 10:23 PM
  2. jjamain's Avatar
    Replace the micro usb/charging port. Very cheap. In Malaysia MYR45 only.

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    06-22-2014 10:27 PM
  3. Hello Evelina's Avatar
    Replace the micro usb/charging port. Very cheap. In Malaysia MYR45 only.

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    I'm in the US if that matters. And if that's the issue with my phone, why hasn't Samsung suggested it? I'm sure they'd love to get money out of someone. Also, if I purchase the part, I have no idea where to take it to get it fixed and I doubt it will be "very cheap" here.
    06-22-2014 10:34 PM
  4. Sweetde80's Avatar
    I have that issue a few times. IF I were to send it in via me cell provider they would ask for $500 min for repair.
    Tech support told me that I was better to go to a cellphone repair shop. Ive replaced it for $60.
    07-06-2014 04:14 PM

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