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    So a few months back I had to replace my USB port. I was having battery charging issues and was due to lack of connection. At that time the guy mentioned how in part it was the port the other part the battery was warped and needed replacement.

    SO to save some money I bought an official Samsung battery from someone in china off eBay (same label wrapping on battery as what was on old battery)

    Since then I've been having this issue. IF I'm using an app when i'm around 30-40% the phone will power off. Be completely dead and require charging.
    Now if I'm not on an app (had it happened on a few games, and this past week on navigation) lets say just in standby mode or texting. I can use the phone until complete exhaustion and I Will usually plug it in at 5%.

    First a friend suggested the cord, so changed that, I've changed from charging from my desktop to wall charging. But still this issue persists.

    Does anyone have any suggestions? I got the phone on a 3 year contract with my provider, I still have 1 year left and I'm not willing to change yet as there is still over $200 owing toward the payment of the phone.
    07-06-2014 03:38 PM

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