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    I am unsure whether to seek service on my rooted phone to recover and reset it, or just reset it on my own as I have in the past.

    I can quickly reset it and hope for the best, or I could take it to a service place (it's very difficult to know who actually has knowledge about this, but they're likely here where I live in a city of a million+) to see a) if any data can be retained on the internal card and b) to determine if they could reset it any more effectively than I could.

    The symptoms: My galaxy note 1 SGH1717 went into a fitful coma in the middle of use. It won't boot past the first two splash screens, after which it shudders every second while the screen remains black. It won't go into safe mode either.

    History with this rooted phone: Keis doesn't run properly on my computer, so my contacts and internally-stored photos, both of which I'd like to retain, aren't backed up. (Luckily the copious notes I take on the unit are backed up to a cloud service.)

    Something similar happened about a year and a half ago, and I reset the phone, which has been rooted in an unsuccessful effort to work out alternative backup protocols to Keis. I feel quite sure that former reset did NOT erase everything on my internal card, that my photos (but not my contacts) were still accessible on the phone's internal card after the reset. I suppose I may be mistaken; Samsung tells me this isn't possible as a reset wipes the data, but maybe this is different on a rooted phone. Samsung have never been particularly helpful on any phone or tablet performance issues and have always simply said to reset my phone or tablet whenever I've called them. It's as if they really don't know anything else to do in any circumstance. Once they learned this phone was rooted they recommend in this case taking it to a service agency without my attempting to reset it it, but I already know that a reset will work from previous experience.

    I appreciate any thoughts.
    09-29-2014 02:49 AM

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