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    Samsung Galaxy Reverb SPH-M950, rooted, clean cache, 1.22 GB available space.

    I couldnt be more frustrated. I couldnt run a current Face Book update. Insufficient Storage Available I uninstalled Face Book. I cant install Face Book. Insufficient Storage Available I just got off of live chat with Samsung Support. Why is it that even when you go to the so called experts or techs you get the same answer as from the online Android enthusiasts? Remove some apps, clear the data and cache, try moving some things to ext sd.Yeah I get itI might have got that from the Insufficient storage warning I have gotten 37 times while trying to configure a solution that would let me install Face Book. This would be slightly more acceptable if I didnt have 1.22 GB of storage available. Or, if I didnt install a 46 MB game out of curiosity 30 seconds after an Insufficient Storage flag popped up with a 14 MB Face Book app? Or after I uninstalled 120 MB worth of other appsI asked Support if maybe there was a chance that a corrupt system app or Google app could be keeping me from successes. The answer, was no and not likely. Well then tell me why Angry Birds Star Wars at 46 MB and 4 Pics one Word at 25 MB slide right in no hitch? There has to be a definitive answer damnit. Any Help?? An opinion, a guess..a freakin clue??? I really want to avoid a reset.
    02-28-2013 08:59 PM

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