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    I sold my UNLOCKED Galaxy Round to a gentleman in Germany, it took quite a while to be delivered. Upon delivery he saw that the package was opened and he tried to use the device when turned on he received the following message.

    "cet appareil a été verrouillé suite à une réinitialisation anormale des données
    d'usine. connectez-vous au compte Samsung auquel vous vous êtes déjà connecté
    sur cet appareil pour confirmer qu'il vous appartient. "

    Translate to:
    "This device has been locked due to abnormal data reset
    factory. connect to the Samsung Account you are already connected
    on this unit to confirm that you own."

    Does anyone know what Samsung account this is speaking of?

    Is there a work around that anyone knows of?

    I appreciate any advice
    05-29-2014 10:44 AM

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